The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for a sustainable future for people and the planet.

Below are a range of resources to help you understand the UN SDGs, sustainable development in the built environment and how business can make an impact.

In the library you will find videos, bite-size learning opportunities and research papers to help you make a difference.

The Role of Business in Sustainable Development

SDG Business opportunities

Prof. R. van Tulden’s paper on SDG opportunity – Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

2018 report on SDG progress

See how Australia reported progress on the 17 goals and the individual indicators


Find out how Australia is doing compared to the rest of the world

Sustainable Development in the Built Environment

RICS – Construction & Real Estate point of view

RICS report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Combatting Modern Slavery in the construction supply chain

After Climate Action, Modern Slavery in the next pressing issue for the built environment

Moving to Net-Zero Australia

Climate Works 2020 report on Decarbonising futures:


UN Global compact Australia

Leading the way for Australian business to create a better future

Support Indigenous Organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan

Indigenous engagement plans for business

Keep me up to date on the the SDG Align