Built Environment struggles with Net Zero

The 2022 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction from the United Nations Environment Programme flags that the global restart of construction activity is returning us to pre-pandemic emission levels. Despite the fact that many of us are skill working from home.

Why do we need a Climate Action Plan now?

On August 9th 2021, IPCC published its sixth Assessment report. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produces a report every six years. The last report dates back to 2014. The world has changed a lot, we’ve experienced more extreme weather conditions than ever before, are in the middle of a global pandemic and our […]

What can you contribute to a sustainable future?

How the global pandemic and sustainability trends has become a huge opportunity for Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) The global pandemic, extreme weather conditions in Australia and a growing consumer awareness for sustainability have emphasized the urgency for environmental, societal and economic change towards a new way of working and living. The United Nations Sustainable Development […]