Sustainability as a Service: A Conversation with Willem Overbosch

Our CEO and Co-founder Willem joined the SeventeenX podcast series, with Mick Hayes diving deep into sustainability as a service. We have summarised some of their key discussions which delve into the crucial role of business sustainability and introduce the concept of Sustainability as a Service. Here’s a glimpse into their conversation. A Journey to […]

Taster: Implementing Sustainable Development for Small Business

It can be daunting to consider aligning a small business with a global framework, but it doesn’t have to be. SDG Align is here to help simplify this and make sure you can identify and implement actions for your business.
In this one-hour taster workshop you will explore:

1) What Sustainable Development means
2) Why it is important for your business
3) How to prioritise action areas
4) How to Commit your business to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Development: The elephant in the room

SDG Align’s co-founder Willem Overbosch will talk about how to align your business behaviour with sustainable development, prioritising your strategic actions and leading your team and your stakeholders towards a sustainable future. In this session you will:

1) familiarise yourself whit the Sustainable Development Goals
2) find out what sustainable development means to you and your business
3) prioritise your actions to help your business align with the SDGs
4) learn from other small business owners on how they go on the Journey

Sustainable Development: The elephant in the room

About Sustainable Development For most of us, managing the continuity of our businesses through the many challenges and changes we face every day is front of mind. Increasing material costs, staff shortages, extreme weather conditions and an ever-increasing consumer demand for more sustainable ways of delivering products and services are just a few examples. We […]