SDG 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure

Industry innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable development goal 9 (SDG 9 )is about Industry Innovation and infrastructure. It is designed to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation. This goal is important to businesses because it helps create a strong foundation for long-term economic growth. By investing in sustainable infrastructure and promoting innovation, businesses can reduce their environmental impact, improve their bottom line, and create jobs. Moreover, by collaborating with other businesses on sustainability initiatives, businesses can amplify their positive impact on society and the environment.

For these reasons, SDG 9 is an important goal for business owners and decision-makers to consider as they strive to create a more sustainable future for all.

What is SDG 9 and what are its targets?

SDG 9 is established to build stronger and more resilient infrastructure for industry and innovation. This helps society reach more sustainable development targets. SDG 9’s targets mainly focus on improving the infrastructure that is currently in place. Business behaviour can be changed via:

  • education and training opportunities,
  • encouraging Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting

Meeting these targets can be seen as a big step towards promoting sustainable development over the course of the next few years.

Overall, SDG 9’s objectives are important for businesses because its success has direct links to improvements in economic sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Why does SDG 9 matter?

Building resilient infrastructure and promoting sustainable industrialisation to foster innovation matters greatly to businesses. Companies must keep up with the changing landscape of supply chain partners, suppliers, and customer demands in order to remain competitive. Digitisation has become increasingly vital to all business from corporate to small and medium enterprises. By keeping abreast of current trends, business is better positioned to innovate effectively. At the same time they can diversify their supply chains and strengthen them with key strategic partners. Industry innovation is thus critical for businesses as it helps them stay ahead in a rapidly shifting landscape.

How can businesses contribute to the achievement of this goal by 2030 ?

Businesses can have a major impact on achieving this goal by 2030. Change in business behaviour can significantly reduce environmental and social pressures, enabling communities to develop sustainably in the long run. Behavioural change is all about:

  • Doing the right things
  • Doing the right things right
  • Doing enough of the right things

Reducing pollution, decreasing energy consumption, and developing more eco-friendly technologies – are all important steps that businesses must focus on. Additionally, fostering innovation through investment in research and development of green projects is essential for success. Businesses should also use their influence to encourage change amongst suppliers and other stakeholders to further promote sustainability across all sectors. Finally, not only could these actions lead towards achieving sustainable development goals by 2030, but they would also result in numerous reputational rewards for the companies involved.

What challenges must be overcome in order for businesses to play their part effectively ?

Businesses often struggle to meet the challenges of achieving SDG 9 due to short-term objectives. Typically they strain resources and distract from wider targets. Long term visions are essential to allow businesses to plan for truly transformational change. However, to make a meaningful impact short term challenges have to be addressed. Think about:

  • lack of staff and financial resources
  • supply chain issues
  • material shortages
  • Extreme weather conditions (floods, bushfires, droughts and cyclones)

As such, it is important that businesses ensure they have addressed their priorities and challenge themselves to think beyond their immediate business horizon. Only then can they effectively play their part in UN SDG 9.

To conclude: why does SDG9 matter to business?

If we want to build a better world by 2030, it is imperative that businesses step up and play their part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 9 is especially important, as its achievement will lay the foundations for future generations to thrive. Businesses can contribute towards the targets of this goal in many ways, but faced with challenges such as funding, a lack of awareness and capacity within organisations, and difficulty measuring progress.

How can you make sure you prioritise SDG9 in a meaningful way?

Our SDG Align toolkit is designed to help you understand where your business sits in relation to sustainable development, what areas you could improve upon, and provides practical steps forward so that you can begin making positive change today. Take the first step towards a more sustainable future for your business – assess yourself with our Ready Reckoner now.

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