New Sustainability Tool for the Surveying Industry

Surveyors Australia partners with SDG Align to advance sustainable development goals

“New Toolkit to Empower Members with Sustainable Practices and Climate Action”

4th July, 2024 – Surveyors Australia and SDG Align are excited to announce the next step in their strategic partnership to advance sustainable development goals. This next step in the collaboration introduces the SDG Align Toolkit, designed to empower members with the resources and knowledge to integrate sustainable practices and drive climate action within their professional activities.  

Surveyors Australia has been at the forefront of sustainability in Australia for many years signing the declaration to Sustainable Development in 2021. Surveyors, with their advanced mapping and monitoring services, are providing data on sustainable urban planning (SDG 11), waste management as part of responsible production (SDG 12) and water resource management related to (SDG 6).  

As public and private sector organisations work towards mandatory sustainability and climate reporting surveyors can demonstrate leadership in the sector.  The new Toolkit will help identify and recognise the current efforts of the members and support them in progressing the sustainability maturity journey. 

Sustainable development is more than just climate change 

Following the work of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Surveyors Australia addresses social topics such as gender equality (SDG 5) and reducing inequalities (SDG 10) with special attention for women in surveying. Surveyors Australia works closely with education stakeholders and member organisations to develop the next generation of surveyors (SDG 4). 

The partnership between Surveyors National and SDG Align will help to collect aggregated industry data on sustainability maturity. This in turn provides insights in practical actions taken by members in a continuous effort to address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. Only in collaboration (SDG 17) can we make sustainable practices a business habit.

How the SDG Align Toolkit advances Sustainable Development

The SDG Align Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that equips surveyors with practical tools and strategies to align their work with the SDGs. The aggregated insights provide unique input for member education and training as well as relevant topics for industry advocacy on sustainability & climate change. 

Thanks to Surveyors National’s partnership with C.R. Kennedy members are provided with free access to the Surveyors Australia SDG Align Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to assist business in their journey towards sustainable development in accordance with the SDGs.

Using the SDG Align Toolkit, Surveyors can help their team understand and improve their sustainability through a variety of methods:

  • Assess Your Current Impact – Begin with a self-assessment, to understand the business’s current sustainability status. The benchmarked results help to understand and identify areas for improvement.
  • Plan For Change – Develop a tailored sustainability plan using the unique results of your self-assessment. The plan will help prioritise actions, ensuring the business can make meaningful progress in your desired area.
  • Commit To Action – Take concrete, actionable steps towards sustainable development with clear guidance from the toolkit. Members can make sign a symbolic public commitment recognising the SDGs. By committing, business can become open, transparent, and accountable regarding your impact and how you will make change.

We are thrilled to partner with CR Kennedy and SDG Align to provide our members with the tools they need to make a positive impact on the environment and society. This collaboration underscores our commitment to sustainability and the pivotal role that surveyors play in advancing the SDGs,

said Michelle Blicavs, CEO of Surveyors Australia.

Click here to to learn more about the Surveyors National toolkit

More information:

Michelle Blicavs
Chief Executive Officer, Surveyors Australia

Willem Overbosch
Chief Executive Officer, SDG Align

About Surveyors Australia

Surveyors Australia, formerly known as Consulting Surveyors National (CSN), was established with the purpose of promoting, representing, and supporting surveyors and their businesses across Australia. The organisation has expanded its operations nationwide through strategic partnerships, strong advocacy, fostering training and professional development, delivering The Surveyors Academy, and implementing the Surveyors Australia Professional Standards Scheme.

About SDG Align

SDG Align is an organisation committed to helping businesses and professionals progress their sustainability maturity journey. Integrating the UN SDGs into their operations supports sustainable practices and climate action worldwide. The SDG Align Toolkit is a Sustainability transformation as a Service platform that can be tailored to industry.

About CR Kennedy

CR Kennedy is a leading provider of geospatial solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of products and services tailored for the surveying profession. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, CR Kennedy supplies state-of-the-art equipment and software that enhance productivity and accuracy in the field.


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